Why does it take 10 days to register an unsubscribe. It should be almost an immediate process.

Step 1: User request unsubscribe for a email address.
Step 2: Remove email from list or add it to a block list.
Step 3: Have anyone using your email list as a source check the list before sending.

Problem solved.

Why does it have to be any harder than that.

Callback function on iPhone

Over the past couple of days I have gotten to experience the call back feature on the iPhone. It a feature that lets you call a person back after a call failed. So much for fewer drop calls. I'm counting 8 in the last two days.

The elusive Pepsi Throwback

I have check several stores around Sherman, Anna and McKinney and I can not find any of the new Pepsi Throwback. It is the Pepsi with real sugar. I would like to try it since I really like the taste of Coke with real sugar. So far my searches have come up empty, does it really exist?

Update: It does exist, I found it at the truck stop at 455 and 75. The one with the Grandys inside. I do like the taste a better than normal Pepsi but that is probably personal preference.

How important is the time outside your bank?

I was driving to work this morning and was driving by a bank that has the time, temperature and special messages on a display. The time said 7:30 but I know by my GPS sync clock in the van and by my cell tower sync phone that the time was 7:27.

How much does the display outside the bank effect what you think they do inside. If 3 minutes difference outside is ok for them is your accounts being off a couple dollars ok also? If you look at it being 1440 minutes in a day then they would only be off 20 cents per $100 in the bank.

Does the clock being set ahead 3 minutes mean that you would have 20 cents more?

Hey I knew the tornado was coming but I couldn't tell you because of the TOS. ???

I just signed up for the Code Red service that the City of Anna is providing which will call you in the event of severe weather. While I was going through the setup I decided to read the terms of service, which I normally just click through, and found the first item to be quite puzzling.


1. Use of Service: Subscriber shall not directly or indirectly transmit, broadcast, redistribute, forward or deliver the Service or any part of the data, information, images or other products which constitute the service to any other person or entity, in any format, or by any means. In order to receive the free CRWW Service you must be a resident in the governing body that subscribes to the CodeRED Service.


So I guess I need to call my neighbor and ask if they received the same message I received. If they didn't I need to go run for shelter and not tell them about the impending storm or I might not get the next one because I violated the TOS.

I also assume that if you blog or twitter about the message and any details about it you might be in violation for the TOS.

I know that wouldn't happen but come on.
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Support for Paying Users unless the problem is with paying.

I just had to get this out. I am testing a new SIP process for a Trixbox phone system and a company offer call out services for $10 for about 500 minutes. I went ahead and paid for the service and two hours later still no credit on the web page. I went ahead an sent in a support ticket and received the following canned reply:

Dear Gizmo5 User,

We have received your request for support; however, personalized support is available only to paying customers and we cannot find a purchase on your account. To get a custom response to your support need please place a purchase for $10 or more of calling credit. For just $10, you will get a custom support response PLUS $10 of credit to make low cost Gizmo5 calls anywhere in the world! Please go to and purchase Call Out credit.

Self-service support is always an option by visiting our forums at: or our Knowledgebase: which has answers to common questions.

Personalized support for your PC, wifi phone or other VOIP device is available from one of our support experts simply by making a $10 purchase which will give you calling credit you can use to SMS to anyone in the world or make cheap calls. Just visit


Gizmo5 Support

I love that I can't find out why my payment hasn't been processed yet because my payment hasn't been processed.

Gotta love it.
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GPS and Knee Replacement

I recently heard a commercial about a new knee replacement surgery that said in its ad that the new technology is like adding GPS to traditional surgery. I have been using GPS since the middle of the 90's and it has gotten better but really. I have compiled a short list of things I don't want to here from the operating room.

1) Where possible make a legal u-turn.
2) Where possible make a incision.
3) Where possible undo what you just did.
4) You are not in a digitized area.
5) Unable to compute route.

I am sure you guys might have a few others.
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Full Service IT Department

This morning at 7am I got a call from the CEO. He was on the way to the airport and stopped to get something out of the back of his car and got stuck in the mud. I threw on some clothes and some boots, grabbed my chain and snatch strap from my four wheeling days and went to help him. I was able to get him going in about 15 minutes from when he called. He was still able to make his flight so he is happy.

I didn't realize the "IT" stood for "I Tow".

Ok, so the CEO is my Dad and he had exited at my exit off the highway so it was realitively easy to get to him.
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