November 25th, 2009


Dell will plant a tree.

I was looking at Dells laptops and I saw that they will allow you to plant a tree to offset the carbon of the monitor you pick. If you are feeling generous you can just plant a tree. My question is for $2,$3 or $4 do they plant one tree if each, if so is it a different tree for each amount or is it that they have a figure like $60 for a tree and they just wait till the hit $60 dollar and plant one.

Here is a thought, there is a crack team of gardeners at Dell that wait for a light to go off and then they run out and plant a tree.


gray fine print

I don't general like bashing products but I was looking at the Nike+ thing that you put in to the sole of a shoe and it can link to you iPod or iPhone and then sync to your computer. I thought it was a neat concept and that is only $30 on top of the price of the special shoes that can use the Nike+ which of course are Nikes. As I was reading the specs I was drawn to the gray text that basically said it will last like 1000 hours and then the whole thing needs replacing.

Now this is probably like 4-6 years for most people but still. Do you need to say all that or just say battery is not replaceable.